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NLC Minnesota

Minnesota often finds itself on many top ten lists – most educated state, most liveable state, even most beard-friendly state (really). However, one list that Minnesota also often finds itself on is far less glamorous: most unequal state. Despite the presence of amenities, social support programs, and wholesome Midwestern values, it is clear that many individuals – predictably, residents of color – find themselves on less desirable lists: more likely to live in poverty, more likely to suffer from chronic illness, and more likely to be unemployed.


How can this be?

In Minnesota, as with many other areas in the nation, communities are running into an alarming truth: the presence of “good things” does not automatically mean that those things benefit the entire community equally. In fact, some communities even explicitly benefit from the exclusion of others.

What do we do about it?

We know that there are no easy answers – but we do know that sustainable, transformative change comes from a cross-sector collective impact model of leadership. We know you have what it takes to make significant contributions to Minnesota and beyond – let NLC help you get there.

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